We have begun our activity
in the year of 1989.
The production of the bags based on our own developments took place that time in Budapest We looked for wholly new technical solutions, which were then patented by the Patent Office.

The trade-mark of our products is equal to my name and it’s patented too. By this way we emphasize that we take responsibility for the quality and flexibility and we give our name as a guarantee.

In the last 10 years the manufacturing of the bags is going on in Zalaszentgrót, as we have succeded to set up a workshop of some hundred sqaure meters here. However our bags/cases for percussions are on an extremely high level further developments are under elaboration. At the moment the Conga and hardware bags on wheels come to the front but we plan to bring to the market the same product family for the key instruments too. Our cello- and bass-bags are also individual creations. We carefully select the basic materials therefore we use almost exceptionally
You can find among our keyboard bags the so called ”flycase” which meets all requirements as being provided with 30 mm thick foambed and synthetic card stiffening it protects the musical instrument perfectly. And the weight of the case is only 2,5-3 kg! We do our best that also in the future we could work for the total satisfaction of the world of musicians.

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Best regard      Csaba VEIGER